Our Story

At Intell Electronics Solar we pride ourselves on creating custom solar energy solutions that fit the specific needs of your home, office or commercial building. Intell Electronics Company was established in 1994 as an after – sales agent for electronic goods and in 1995 – 2000 we worked with Singer PLC as a franchise service agent.

Director of the Intell Electronics decided to continue this electronic business with green energy. Then our company is in the business of installation of solar power systems and import of electric vehicle chargers. We started the company to promote green energy in Sri Lanka and we have done it successfully in 2016.

Our Mission
To become the best contributor to renewable energy in Sri Lanka.
Our Vision
Our vision is to make every citizen of Sri Lanka use solar power to do the day’s work and to support the government to save the money we are paying for fuel imported from other countries.
Our Objective
Apply solar energy technology as enabling technology for sustainable development.
Our Team