Solar Generators to Power Your Residential and Commercial Entities

Solar generators use solar panels to capture photons from the sun and charge a battery in the generator. Before the power is extracted, an inverter changes it to alternating current electricity, which is what most appliances use today. From there, the generator can power anything that “regular” fossil-fuel electricity can.

A solar generator is a compact electronic box which has three components integrated together. There are the charge controller, batteries and an inverter. Strangely though there is no solar component in the solar generator. The solar panels need to be purchased separately. In reality, the solar generator is just a battery-powered generator. As long as the battery inside the solar generator stays charged, it will be able to power a few of devices as a backup generator. You can charge the battery in the generator using external solar panels, or using a wall outlet or even a car charger. Of course, not all solar generators are created equal and some of them might only allow one or two modes of charging.

Plus Points of Our Service

Provide Output Power

The Solar generator is able to provide output power to a wide variety of devices.

Return on Investment

Solar generator enable to earn a high return on investment unlike paying for utility bills.