Save the Electricity Bill with an On-Grid Solar System

On-Grid Systems are solar pv systems that only generate power when the utility power grid is available. They must connect to the grid to function. When you overproduce, you can send the generated excess power back to the grid so you can credit it for later use. This On-Grid system is highly recommended for any area with ECB power line. All our equipment used for installation process are SLS Certified and we are authorized by Sustainable Energy Authority as a service provider.

Plus Points of Our Service

Zero Electricity Bill

Since any excess solar power that you generate is credited there’ll be zero electricity bill.

Earn Extra Income

You can supply excess solar power to the national grid and earn an extra income.

Zero Gas Bill

Zero gas bill Since you have free solar electricity no need of spending money for gas cylinders.

Bank Loan Method

Get your own solar system with a bank loan and earn a zero electricity bill.